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<艺术icle aria-labelledby="fsArticle_21630_4260" class="fsStyleAutoclear" data-news-id="4260"> Ravenscroft Crucial Catch Team Sets New Record in Fundraising to Fight Cancer

这是连续第四年了, Ravenscroft's student-led fundraising team for Crucial Catch has been recognized as the top fundraising school in the nation, 超过了30美元的目标,6美元以上,000, 并再一次赢得了著名的Pink Cleat奖.

阅读更多 about Ravenscroft Crucial Catch Team Sets New Record in Fundraising to Fight Cancer <艺术icle aria-labelledby="fsArticle_21630_4259" class="fsStyleAutoclear" data-news-id="4259"> 三只乌鸦在加里秀美术联盟中获得认可

Three Ravenscroft 艺术 students have been recognized for their submissions to the 美术 League of Cary Teen Show.

阅读更多 about 三只乌鸦在加里秀美术联盟中获得认可 <艺术icle aria-labelledby="fsArticle_21630_4258" class="fsStyleAutoclear" data-news-id="4258"> 中学生神话考试获奖

Six 中学 students took the global Pegasus Mythology Exam in March, 因为他们的表演而获奖.

阅读更多 about 中学生神话考试获奖
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今年是它在十大靠谱网赌的第42个年头, 鸦巢营 offers children in rising Kinderg艺术en through 6th grade a meaningful, 充满欢笑的, 安全的夏季体验. Combining both a break from school routine with an opportunity to explore additional educational experiences, 营员们参加了一个轻松的活动, 但严密监督的设置. All campers are served lunch in the school's dining facilities, 早上和下午吃零食吗, 猫头鹰小组每天都有休息时间.

The program of activities builds on enhancements of the past several years; offering exposure to the 艺术s through music, 戏剧, 艺术, and literature; crafts through activities in various media, 建筑, and cooking; and physical activities through daily recreation, 自由发挥, 和游泳. 多变的日程安排包括每周的主题, “特别的日子”, 项目, 实地考察, 所有这些都是为了培养孩子的技能, 而自信又能开阔自己的视野... 另外,玩得开心!



第一期- 2023年6月12日至16日

*第二阶段- 2023年6月20日至23日

请注意一周工作四天. June 19th is a federal holiday and Ravenscroft will be closed on that day.

第3期- 2023年6月26日至30日

第四期- 2023年7月10日至14日

第五期- 2023年7月17日至21日

第6期- 2023年7月24日至28日

会议#7- 7月31日至2023年8月4日


每天个小时: 7 a.m. 到下午6点.m.

年龄: 升学幼稚园-六年级(分三组)

猫头鹰: 升入K - 1年级

老鹰: 升二、三年级

乌鸦: 4 - 6年级的学生

性别: 男女同校的

地点: 低年级,五年级中心

价格: $ 325 /周

*营地费用包括午餐及每日两份小吃, 露营t恤, and all other incidental costs (materials for 艺术 项目, 实地考察旅行, 等.)

*查看夏季午餐菜单 在这里.


*请注意: Online Registration for 鸦巢营 closes at midnight on the 星期五 preceding the camp week. For example, online registration for session one (June 12-16), will close on 星期五, June 9.

鸦巢营 DOES NOT permit single day "drop-in" or p艺术ial week enrollment

并发阵营: Campers who are registered for 鸦巢营 can also be registered for other half camp 项目 on our campus. If you choose to register your child for a "concurrent" camp, then they can dropped off at Ravens Nest in the morning and Ravens Nest staff will escort them to/from their other camp, 然后可以从乌鸦巢营地采摘. They will also be able to eat lunch in the Dining Hall with the other Ravens Nest campers.  除了, 如果你为你的孩子报名了一个“同步”夏令营, then the Ravens Nest fee will be discounted 30% for that week. 请注意: We don't discount the Ravens Nest fee 60% if your child is in two "concurrent" camps.

***Our registration system is not currently processing the concurrent discounts associated with 鸦巢营 properly. If you register for 鸦巢营 and a concurrent program, please contact 丹Ressner, 辅助服务和暑期项目主任, and he will process the concurrent discount for you manually.**

到鸦巢营地带什么: 请带一个背包,里面有每天换洗的衣服. Optional Items for campers include a water bottle, water shoes or sandals for the pool/pool deck. 封闭的鞋子每天都要穿. 

**For Summer 2023, please send your child with a backpack with a NAME TAG on it. 谢谢你!!**

程序: 今年来到鸦巢的是十大靠谱网赌排行的IDE老师, 丹尼·卡尔森, who will be bringing some of his 项目 exclusively to 鸦巢营 this summer. Mr. 卡尔森将提供桌面游戏, C艺术ooning and other activities for all Ravens Nest campers in the summer of 2023. This will be offered as p艺术 of the Raven Nest's 项目 through the 7 weeks. Whitneye McCoy will post the schedule with our new programming in March 2023. 回来看看日程安排. 


鸦巢营 is located in the 较低的学校 5th Grade Center. Campers will be divided into 3 groups; rising Kinderg艺术en - first grades (Owls), 升二、三年级(鹰), 和四到六年级的升学率(乌鸦).

大多数露营者在早上7点到8点之间到达.m. and will meet in a common area, with groups separating after 8 a.m. 家长到达后要签到, 出发时签收, 每天与工作人员保持联系. 鸦巢营 will also use the 较低的学校 playgrounds and gymnasium.



The 鸦巢营 director for summer 2023 is Whitneye McCoy. She has been working for Ravenscroft for seven years as the Assistant Director of 延长一天 and three years as the Summer 项目 Assistant Director. She has over a decade of experience working with children of all ages. 她的露营经历包括乌鸦巢和基督教青年会.  She has a masters degree in communication from Liberty University and a bachelors in English from NC State University. 

The camp provides a minimum of one qualified staff member for every 12 children and supervision of groups will be by at least two qualified staff members at all times. The staff includes certified teachers, teacher assistants and student volunteers. All staff members are hired based on their strong desire to make a difference in each child's summer experience. 此外,Mr。. Daniel Ressner, Summer 项目 Director, provides general program oversight.

请注意: Camp policy requires that students be dropped off at 鸦巢营 no earlier than 7:00 am and picked up no later than 6:00 pm. 滞纳金2美元.00 per minute will be assessed for any child picked up after 6:00 pm.


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