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By Karen Shore | 回到目录



Second-grader Eli Strick, 描绘宇航员尼尔·阿姆斯特朗, 在一个在线论坛上,他和同学们展示了他的时间机器研究项目.


Beginning with a full day of professional development dedicated to technology training and curricular planning on March 9, faculty and staff marshaled their knowledge and resources to provide students with a rigorous and engaging distance-learning experience during the statewide shutdown.

Staff in the school’s Library and Technology Services Department proved to be indispensable partners in this shift, 为课堂教师提供指导和专业知识, 翻译甚至重新构思他们的课程和数字领域的作业.



Director of Educational Technology Sarah Wike said school leadership began planning for this possibility when the first case of COVID-19 appeared in the state in early March. Her first task: 创建网站 这将突出最佳实践,并为虚拟教学提供资源.

该网站于3月11日上线,并迅速成为学生们的信息中心, teachers, 父母和看护人,” Wike said. “十大靠谱网赌排行知道十大靠谱网赌排行很主动, 但十大靠谱网赌排行从未想过十大靠谱网赌排行会在一周内宣布转向在线教学!”


The virtual-learning website Wike created includes tips for parents and caregivers on how to support their students in navigating their new routine.


这种深谋远虑得到了回报. With preparing additional Chromebooks for students in fifth grade to take home — students in grades six through 12 already enjoy 1:1 access — and surveying teachers and families about their home WiFi access, “这是疯狂的一周,充满了各种不确定的感觉,” Wike said. “但由于十大靠谱网赌排行在前端做好了准备, we were able to move forward with uninterrupted teaching and learning in a way few other institutions did.”

In addition, the Technical Services team transitioned from on-campus triage of devices to remote support of students, 教职员工和非必要员工.

十大靠谱网赌排行开始指导学生, parents and faculty to call our new Technical Support Hotline — powered by Google Voice — or email our Help Desk when devices were not operating as designed. 然后,十大靠谱网赌排行连夜将替换设备运送到受影响的家庭, if needed,IT专家克里斯·迈克尔说. “Our goal the entire time was to create a seamless transition from the physical classroom to the virtual classroom.”


上图:社交媒体上的帖子(比如这张幼儿园的照片) Emma Hanna)庆祝远程学习中的阅读.

Left: Winston Librarian Emily Zeblo announces a contest for Lower School families enjoying books at home.


在Wike和首席信息官Jason Ramsden领导的培训下, 教师们扩大了他们熟悉的工具的使用,如Veracross和谷歌教室. 低年级学校 Seesaw 他们检查作业和交流的主要门户, 从事研究项目的渡鸦们可以使用 苍井空数字图书馆.

随着虚拟学习的继续, the Ed Tech staff mobilized a variety of new applications and platforms to help teachers maintain student engagement. Screencastify 例如,允许教师录制教程片段,以及 Padlet 便利的日常登记.

The technology also bridged the gap for classes in which real-time classroom interaction and teacher feedback is essential.

“While Flipgrid 一直以来都是世界语言教师听学生讲话的一种方式, 十大靠谱网赌排行开始更多地使用它,让学生们互相反馈,高中西班牙语老师Anna Nethery说. “Pear Deck allowed me to teach a new concept while getting live feedback from the students in the form of questions and polls. 还有兴奋的虚拟智力游戏 Kahoot! can’t be beat! 甚至当学生们分开的时候, 他们喜欢彼此竞争,喜欢看到自己的名字出现在排行榜上.”

Keim Center intern Anna-Claire Bousquet’s screencast walks seventh-graders through planning infographics for their World Geography projects.

Keim Center library staff encouraged students vote for their favorite books using March Madness-style playoff brackets.



整个第四季度, some projects, assignments and events — many regarded as perennial favorites by students and teachers alike — were adapted to align with the online learning format, 包括二年级 时光机研究项目, the sixth-grade Decades Showcase 还有七年级 世界地理研究项目. 图书馆的工作人员每一步都与学生们一起工作.

“The Keim Center library staff did an outstanding job pairing technology resources with our lessons to help students succeed — exceed — in their research,世界地理老师Greg Anysz说. “他们参加了十大靠谱网赌排行的虚拟课堂,提供指导, 回答问题并安排个别时间来复习学生的作业.”

Ravens also enjoyed new academic and social opportunities using tools facilitated by the Library and Technology Services Department. Third-grade science students documented their experiences at home as part of a new science project, 我的2020年COVID-19时间胶囊与温斯顿图书馆团队合作. 中学图书大战队享受了一场虚拟的比赛 scavenger hunt. 图书馆工作人员推出了暑期图书宾果游戏, Literary Lunches, the Harry Potter Read-Aloud and Literary March Madness to encourage students to keep reading at home.

凯瑟琳·克里登,她的儿子 Mikie ’25, Jed ’27 and Charlie ’29 span the Lower and Middle Schools — gave the school high marks for their work in the digital space. “We have been very impressed with the virtual learning and the personal videos coming from the administration, 教师及职员,” she said. “I love the Instagram account with #RavensTogetherAtHome and the other ways the school is keeping the community together.”

In the end, determination to continue to offer that strong support and guidance — one of the hallmarks of a Ravenscroft education — drove the work these teams did.

Director of Library Services Angela Finn summed it up this way: “Our priority was to nurture our caring relationships with students while maintaining continuity in our teaching partnerships and support services.”





(app, website) Enables users to create individualized flash cards and access to a library of flash cards on a variety of subjects at every level — multiplication tables to fluid dynamics and everything in between.


(app, website) Helps students become better writers with automatically scored assignments and spelling and grammar feedback; helps teachers detect plagiarism and provide better, 更个性化的反馈和评分.


(website) Provides vetted content from over 100 trusted content providers including The Washington Post, 历史频道, Al Jazeera and The New York Times and turns it into classroom-ready learning materials scaled to students’ reading levels.


(website) Game-show format activities for classrooms and remote learning that require knowledge, 团队动力和成功的策略. Provides post-game reports to educators detailing individual student and class-wide needs and strengths.


(app,网站)为课堂和家庭提供各种主题的游戏化测验. 用户可以选择现有的测验,也可以创建自己的测验.


(app, 教育工作者使用YouTube上现有的视频课程, 可汗学院等数字资源或自己创建与学生分享, 目的是保持学生的参与度,跟踪学生的参与度和理解力.


(网站)允许学生按照自己的水平学习数学, language arts, 社会研究和科学课程, 允许稳定的进展与既定的绩效标准保持一致. 为教育工作者提供精确的数据来跟踪学生的成长.


(app,网站)个人和小组研究技术的水平指导和实践. 提供帮助组织笔记,概述思想,引用和存档来源. 教育工作者可以跟踪学生的作业进度,并提供实时反馈.